Farm to Chef to You
When you can’t do it yourself, let me do it for you.

Tracy Landry has been cooking in Santa Cruz businesses for over 20 years. She has created menus and nightly specials. She has worked with mental health and overweight issues, creating menus and meal plans to help balance mood, improve digestion, increase metabolism, boost immunity and rebuild internal organ health. She has worked with families and groups to better their overall health through nutritious eating habits. She has an extensive compilation of personal and professional research into food systems, nutrition, recipes, bio dynamics, sustainability, local/seasonal eating benefits, and how foods and flavors work together throughout the consumption process.

Tracy has spent a lot of personal time hunting and foraging for the most responsible local farms to source her ingredients from. She is dedicated to finding a way through food to keep connected with the region in which we live. Santa Cruz county is a food lovers paradise. We can source all of our organic vegetables, fruits, meats, and dairy from within 50 miles of the Downtown Clock Tower. We live in a highly prolific area that produces food year round.

Tracy is one of those individuals who wants to do what she loves. What she loves is food. She thinks about it, plans around it, reads about it, and talks about it. Food is her reason for being. She wants to eat her ideals and she loves to share.

Deliveries are made on Friday or Arranged

I make Cruz Food portions in small batches to preserve the integrity of each serving. I use 8oz portions to help keep it light as well as make deciding how many to order easier to figure out. I use a serving with the addition of some fresh fruits or salad to make a complete meal. My young kids tend to split a serving and my husband prefers one and a half for his main meal.
How it Works