Farm to Chef to You

Cruz Food is the art of nurturing nutrition.


Cruz Food is completely nutritious meals in individual servings, frozen at the peak of freshness, and delivered directly to you for use when you need it most.

Our main focus is on nutrition, sustainability, and taste. We use several types and colors of each vegetable and medicinal herbs to get a large profile of minerals and vitamins, providing a broad spectrum of health benefits and digestibility. We use organic to avoid unwanted additives. Other than a few exceptions i.e. the sprouted grain wrap and flours, nothing is pre-processed. All products are handmade by our skilled chef. Cruz Food only uses iron, glass, ceramic, or stainless steel to cook with. Never plastic, aluminum, or pre-coated cookware.We strive to use only environmentally friendly packaging, mainly paper and glass.

Cruz Food selects the freshest organic ingredients from local farms.

Use Cruz Food after a busy day, when tired or run down, when ill, or when there just isn’t time to research, shop, chop, saute, and serve a healthy meal. Get a subscription for several meals at a time and have them available when it best suits your needs.

Breakfast on the go, lunch at work, dinner for the whole family, all packed with nutrition and wholesome food, ready to heat and serve, usually in less than 5 minutes.

How it Works